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Miami Signs & Wraps is a leading sign manufacturing company offering high quality, customized business signs, vehicle wraps, and other business promotion products to the Miami, FL area.

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Vinyl Signs

Vinyl Signs

Probably the most versatile product we provide, vinyl signs and vinyl graphics can be used on almost any surface and for any project from vinyl lettering for cars to vinyl banners on the outside of your business. Some people even use them in art projects and design. You might not realize it, but you see vinyl graphics every day.


Some of the most popular uses for vinyl graphics include:

Vinyl Graphics Options

Vinyl graphics are versatile and, when applied by an expert, look extremely professional. Our vinyl sign business offers many different looks and feels for your vinyl, including different finishes, weights, and colors. We can create vinyl lettering that clings to the inside of your window for extended life and even vinyl banner signs, lettering, and murals that you can put on the floor. Of course, our vinyl graphics can be outfitted to vehicles (including boats, motorcycles, and trailers) as well.


Professional Vinyl Sign Company

When you walk up to a retail or business location and see a handwritten sign, what do you think? If you want to make a good first impression on a potential client, you want to look as professional as possible. Vinyl lettering and vinyl signs can take the place of those handwritten signs and ensure that you meet all standards.


As soon as someone sees your location, you want to make information clear and easy to find, including your hours of operation, Wi-Fi availability, accessibility, licenses, and other information. Pages printed off the internet or handwritten pages won’t do for information that is permanent like that.

Window Display Vinyl

The best vinyl will not only provide information to your clients and customers; it will excite them about your brand, while at the same time providing some privacy and safety. Window graphics can include lettering or images and pictures that will add another dimension to your business. You can go seasonally, like with flowers and trees or something more straightforward like an etched glass style vinyl for privacy. All of our vinyl window displays are easy to remove and won’t damage the windows themselves.


If you want the look of frosted or etched glass, we have vinyls that will give that appearance without damaging or the cost.


Attractive Wall Murals and Flooring

For something truly stunning and attention grabbing, large-format vinyl that sticks to the wall or floor is a fantastic touch. You can use whatever graphics you want, or we can design one for you, that will display anything from directions to business information to artwork. Whether on the floor or the wall, these withstand traffic, dirt, cleaning, and wear and tear quite well. You can even use them outside!


Full-Service Vinyl Graphic Shop

At Miami Signs & Wraps, we handle all elements of your vinyl manufacturing, including design, edits, production, and correct installation. We will discuss your needs and design something for you and then work to make your graphics with the highest quality materials. Throughout the whole process, we will have an open line of dialogue so that you can make changes or additions to your graphics. Once production has finished, our team will install them so that they are free from bubbles and warping.


After some time, you may want your vinyl graphics replaced or repaired. Our team can help you with the removal and replacement of these as well, whether or not we worked on the original vinyl.

Free Consultation with Vinyl Graphics Expert

Miami Signs & Wraps is a full-service vinyl sign shop, with on-site manufacturing and expert installation.

Call Miami Signs & Wraps today at 1-800-972-2185 for your Free Consultation with a Vinyl Graphics Specialist!