About Miami Signs & Wraps

Miami Signs & Wraps is a leading sign manufacturing company offering high quality, customized business signs, vehicle wraps, and other business promotion products to the Miami, FL area.

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Custom Banners

Miami Signs & Wraps are passionate about making you the best banners for promoting your business or event. Our choice of materials and sizes is wide making it easy for you to get exactly what you need.


Perhaps you are looking for a banner for a tradeshow, a sale, an outdoor event, a tabletop retractable design or another type of custom banner, Miami Signs & Wraps will work along with you to create a banner which can really deliver on your goals. We care for all of the creation process, along with you we will create an attractive design which will grab attention but also convey all of the details you need.

Promotional Banners

Banners have many purposes. One of the main uses is that of business promotion. Such banners are frequently used both outdoors and indoors, they can attract people to an event or location, or they can let people know where they will find the information or product they need once they are inside. For use indoors, hanging banners and retractable banners are common, while banners for outdoors or long-term use tend to be made from durable vinyl.


Miami Signs & Wraps understands that great-quality banners have the potential to help you reach your goals however if they are going to do that they need to appear professional. We are your local sign company who are able to work quickly and efficiently to create the perfect marketing material for your needs.


Banner Support Structure

There are different ways you may choose to display your banner, depending on this you will require a built-in hanging mechanism, for instance, you may need grommets or an outdoor support structure. The banner you choose might need both. When we have our initial consultation we chat about your intended use as well as placement of the banner and include necessary structure or changes in our quote to you. We can offer you many different options for displaying your banner and would love to discuss the products and options we have available. Drop by our local sign shop so that we can show you samples and support structures available.


Full-Service Sign Company

Miami Signs & Wraps handle all parts of the manufacturing of your sign or banner, that means the design, fabrication, element sourcing and so forth, are all cared for by our company. If you opt for a banner with a stand we will give you a demonstration on how to put it up, this will avoid confusion during the setup procedure. For large format and hanging banners, we will help you with the installation.


Free Expert Banner Consultation

Miami Signs & Wraps make banners which are appealing and work with you to meet your business goals. We are a local company who can create a one-off banner for you, or can care for your varying banner needs, such as tradeshow banners, promotion banners and so forth.

Call Miami Signs & Wraps  today at 1-800-972-2185 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!