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Miami Signs & Wraps is a leading sign manufacturing company offering high quality, customized business signs, vehicle wraps, and other business promotion products to the Miami, FL area.

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Car Wraps

Do you want to increase your company’s marketing opportunities and visibility? Miami Signs & Wraps‘s customized car wraps are the solution want!


The majority of businesses use vehicles to deliver goods and services to customers; many offer them as a perk. Your car is a powerful advertising tool you can use to further your marketing reach and visibility. Having a branded vehicle wrap, you make it possible for potential customers to see and learn about your company everywhere your vehicle goes.


When traveling to and from the office, your car has the chance to promote your business and brand, allowing you to capitalize on missed opportunities. A single car wrap can reach hundreds of potential clients per day without changing your daily routine. This offers you a greater marketing reach without the heavy costs associated with other forms of advertising.

The High-Visibility Brand Marketing Resource

Regardless of whether you are driving along quiet rural streets or in a noisy city center, you are merely another car passing along blending in with other vehicles. As people continue to go about their business, your nondescript car goes unnoticed. These missed opportunities can have a significant impact on the growth of your business.


Imagine having customized car wrap from Miami Signs & Wraps. Instead of blending in with other vehicles, your car now stands out. Everyone you pass now has to opportunity to learn about your business, brand, and message. More calls will start to come in as more people are aware that your business exists, and has the products and services they have been looking for. Ultimately, your branded car has increased your market reach and helped to increase your bottom line.


Car wraps offer a wide visibility for any business needing to increase their market reach at a cost much lower than other available marketing options. A significant number of potential clients travel along the same routes you do. Having a branded car, allows you to create a consistent message about your brand, products, and services for those potential clients. This consistency ties your brand to those services or products, and when they need them, and it is your brand that they will remember.

Customized To Meet Your Requirements

Miami Signs & Wraps understands all businesses have a unique marketing message and brand, your car wrap should reflect that uniqueness. A cookie cutter solution might inform your customers about the name of your company, but it doesn’t tie your brand to that product or service. We custom craft all of our signage solutions to fit your brand, business, and personality so that your message stands out from those around you. When you need an impactful signage solution, we are here to make it happen.


Our car wrap experts work with your existing brand guidelines or assist in creating new ones, to give your signage solutions the impact that you need to drive business your way. We not only craft full and partial car wraps but also magnets and graphics. No matter what your signage needs are, we can create the perfect solution you need.


Do you use an unconventional vehicle for work? Miami Signs & Wraps also creates wraps for any type of vehicle ranging from RV’s to ATV’s. We want your business to thrive, and we are dedicated to making sure the signage solution you need is the one you get regardless of the vehicle type you use.

Protecting Your Investments

At Miami Signs & Wraps we feel that your car wraps tell a great deal about who you are as a business. Having poorly made car wraps not only reflect poorly on the company who made your car wrap, but also on you. This makes choosing the right company to craft your car wrap as important as the wrap itself. We use only high-quality durable vinyl that is not only sustainable but also eco-friendly.


Our graphic design team works to craft attractive vinyl car wraps that serve not only as an impactful promotional tool but also as a protective shield for your vehicles paint job. This added benefit ensures that your car presents an attractive brand and business front as well as ensure that you receive the most from your investments.

Full Car Wrap Manufacturer

Vehicle wraps are our passion and our passionate staff will help you with all steps of the vehicle wrap procedure moving from initial consultation to potential wrap removal. We listen to your ideas and include you in each aspect of the design, production, and installation of your durable vehicle wrap.


Our graphic design team works with any existing brand elements and guideline. They will listen to your goals, needs, ideas, and intended use to recommend what signage solutions would best fit your needs. Once they have a firm understanding of what you want, they will create a “proof” for you to view and change. This allows you to know exactly what your signage project will look like prior to its completion.


Once you’ve made the changes you want, our fabrication team moves your project into the manufacturing phase. Using our high-quality, attractive vinyl, our fabrication team will ensure that your approved project matches your final product, we aren’t satisfied with your project until you are.


After your project has been brought to life, our installation team is ready to install your signage solution. While some of our car wraps or graphics can be self-installed, the more complex solutions are best left to a team of professional installers. Miami Signs & Wraps‘s installation team is dedicated to making sure that your wrap not only functions as it should but is also free of warps, bubbles, and tears, giving you the professional look that you have always wanted for your vehicle. Your business isn’t mediocre and your car wrap shouldn’t be either. Miami Signs & Wraps will create the car wrap you need to give your business the boost you want!

Free Car Wrap Consultation

We are not only passionate about providing impactful, attractive signage solutions to our clients, but also superior customer support and experience. Our team of designers, fabricators, and installers are dedicated to ensuring that the signage solution you want, is the signage solution you get. For any business to grow, they need an experienced, reliable partner to help them. When you need a signage partner that you can depend on, that has the experience and knowledge needed to provide solutions that get the job done, Miami Signs & Wraps is here to help drive your business forward.

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