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Miami Signs & Wraps is a leading sign manufacturing company offering high quality, customized business signs, vehicle wraps, and other business promotion products to the Miami, FL area.

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Custom Business Pole Signs Provide Ultimate Visibility

Any sign that’s visible from the interstate showing that a restaurant, store or gas station is nearby is referred to as a pole sign. Wherever you are, you know how you are from gas, food, and supplies. A pole sign markets a business, working exactly like a beacon informing customers that you’re ready to assist them. You should choose a pole sign to get a durable freestanding sign to create more visibility for anyone passing near it.


Miami Signs & Wraps, a locally available company for the best design, manufacture, and installation of pole signs. We provide fast turnaround and exceptional customer support, thanks to our diligent team of installers and fabricators. Therefore, you can count on the best pole design for your location and business to help you increase your customer base and get more revenue.


Illuminated Pole Signs

They are created by placing a cabinet sign up high using a pole. They are perfect for businesses that work extremely late in the night. They are as high as 20 feet, allowing you to attract anybody as far as miles away. Illuminated pole signs are durable, impressive and worthwhile investments. They will attract a lot of traffic to your facility and you can get more revenue to replace the initial capital of installing the sign. Do you want to install a pole sign for your business but unsure whether it’s the right choice? We will conduct an evaluation on-site to assess the feasibility of having a pole sign for your business.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

They are quite similar to pole signs but are placed on business rooftops to provide more information about the specific business. They might not have the same height as pole signs but are constructed using heavier materials with a wide or dual base support structure rather than using a single pole. For instance, tenant signs are used to advertise the various businesses found within a complex or facility. These are commonly used for open-air malls, business parks, and shopping centers. If you’re not sure about the type of sign you need, we will provide the required assistance to help you choose the right signage for your storefront or business.


Free Pole Sign Consultation

Miami Signs & Wraps has the best pole sign experts who are ready to assist you! Starting from designing the signage, installation in your preferred location and cleanup as well as maintenance, we are responsible for the whole process. Miami Signs & Wraps is dedicated and experienced in handling local signage and is the best choice for your business signage requirements. We are ready and available to assist you with everything you need to promote your business!

Call Miami Signs & Wraps  today at 1-800-972-2185 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!