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Miami Vehicle Wraps: Promote Your Business On The Go!

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One of the newest ways to brand your business and promote it at the same time is to use car wraps. Durable vinyl vehicle wraps allow as many people as possible to see your advertisement or promotion and, when installed correctly, will not damage your car. Whether you need a single car wrap or an entire set of fleet vehicle wraps, our team can help you with everything from vehicle wrap design to wrap installation.

Custom Vehicle WrapFleet Graphics and Ad Wraps for Cars

Whether you have over a thousand employees or you are the sole employee, representing your business outside of your physical location is an easy way to set yourself apart. If you frequently travel for work, then auto decals, auto graphics, and ad wraps for vehicles will promote your business while on the go. Commercial vehicle wraps are an easy way to get many eyes on your company – all eyes will be on your vehicle.

Fleet Vehicle Van WrapFor businesses who use corporate vehicles, custom auto wraps for business will give you a polished appearance. Customized graphics will allow you to control the look and feel – from simplistic to completely over the top.

Some companies that benefit from business auto wraps include landscapers, builders, independent contractors, roofers, electricians, pool maintenance, repairmen, installation teams, plumbers, and delivery vehicles. Food truck wraps are also extremely popular and are a great way to build brand recognition for a business that doesn’t have a traditional storefront.

Semi Trailer GraphicsRegardless of what kind of vehicle you have, regardless of size, we can create the best wrap to promote your business and your brand. We have the tools, knowledge, and ability to create custom Jeep wraps, motorcycle wraps, business car wraps, work truck wraps, boat wraps, trailer wraps, van wraps, and any other vinyl vehicle wraps you can imagine. As a bonus, car wrapping adds a protective layer to your vehicle, making it last longer and look professional long-term.

Auto Vinyl Graphics & Partial Auto Wraps

work truck wrapSome people don’t want their vehicle wrapping to completely cover their vehicles, or are only looking for specific elements, letters, or images. If that is you, you can get vehicle graphics instead. Whether you just want car decals for a small touch of personalization or you want larger car graphics to cover any part of your car, we can produce the right, durable product for your needs. Some of the most common vehicle vinyl graphics include lettering, images, and stripes. However, our design team can provide you with any type of vehicle vinyl graphics that you want.

Auto graphics are an attractive, professional way to promote your business and brand. If you would prefer a more temporary solution, we can also create custom vehicle magnets that allow you to display your brand or passion only when you desire. Our experienced designers will assist you in making the right product selection for your needs, timeframe, and budget.

Complete Vehicle Customization

97% Remember Ads on Commercial VehiclesWe can wrap any commercial or fleet vehicle that you may use during the course of your business. When installed correctly by our team of professionals, these graphics and wraps on cars can last up to ten years, when properly cared for and maintained.

Of course, cars aren’t the only vehicles we can create wraps for, we can create custom vehicle wraps for any vehicle, including:

Boat Wraps

Box Truck Wraps

Bus Wraps

Car Wraps

Custom Wraps

Fleet Wraps

Food Truck Wraps

Partial Wraps

Trailer Wraps

Truck Wraps

Van Wraps

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Magnets

Vinyl Lettering

Window Film

Work Truck Wraps


In addition to personalization, our commercial vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics can be used to disguise the problem areas on your car, such as dents, dings, or scratches, giving it a new appearance. 

Boat Wraps & Trailer Wraps

Boat WrapHere in the Miami area, boat graphics, trailer graphics, and Jeep graphics get lots of attention. Whether you want something as simple as boat identification numbers, a boat color change, or a complete mural on the side of a trailer, our team can find the right blend of beauty and professionalism for you, using our marine-grade vinyl for a durable wrap that will last for years to come.

Looking for a cohesive collection of vehicle wraps? Just as we do with fleet vehicles, we can create a complete set of vehicle graphics for all your vehicles, so whether you are on the road, on the water, or even on the golf course, you will be easily identified by your unique style.

Vehicle Wrap Supplier

Van wrap installation at Miami Custom Signs & WrapsAt Miami Signs & Wrapsgna, we will work with you through every step of your vehicle wrap process, starting with a consultation. We will complete a mock-up of your car before we install anything so that you can make changes and see exactly what you are getting in your 3m car wrap. Once you approve, our expert team will produce it using the highest quality products and supplies. Then our wrap installation specialists will apply it to your car, ensuring everything matches perfectly.

If you have damage to your 3m vehicle wrap or any other kind of vinyl wrap, we offer repair services and can make your investment look amazing again.

Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Expert

Regardless of your fleet and vehicle size, we produce attractive, durable vehicle wraps that keep you looking professional for years to come.

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