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Yaima Perez REALTOR Avatar
Yaima Perez REALTOR
- Google

Excellent communication and service! I will definitely be using them again for all my future needs. They designed and printed a for sale banner we needed on a new listing. A big thank you to Chris and Tomas!

Gayle Morgan Avatar
Gayle Morgan
- Google

everyone keeps saying that the headlands are the perfect place to take visitors, but people, take the time to enjoy and appreciate your own city! snap the quintessential FL photo for your own book. roaming around the old bunkers and climbing on the rocks beyond the ropes i feel like a billy goat. gotta love places that make you giddy like a kid 🙂

Edward Kiejliches Avatar
Edward Kiejliches
- Google

Great product and install from the team. Sign came out better than expected.

Priscilla Pena Avatar
Priscilla Pena
- Google

Amazing experience, the service was top knotch, the helped me with eveything. Also did the follow up with me everyday till I got my signs, plus a follow up after

matt sarsich Avatar
matt sarsich
- Google

Realiable, On time and Great Team

andrea pena Avatar
andrea pena
- Google

I love my face shield!!!!

Horacio Werner Avatar
Horacio Werner
- Google

Very professional and customer oriented team. A pleasure to work with you guys.

Tomas Blaquier Avatar
Tomas Blaquier
- Google

Excellent service!!!

Karen Febus Avatar
Karen Febus
- Google

Love working with Chris and team! Have used Miami Signs for multiple projects so far. Excellent product, great customer service and competitive pricing. Will definitely use again.

Mimi Warner Avatar
Mimi Warner
- Google

We use Miami Signs for of our wall vinyl orders in art gallery spaces within Miami. They always respond in a timely manner and help us work on last minute projects! The Miami Signs team is always on time and speedy with install and de-install!

Charlotte Romero Avatar
Charlotte Romero
- Google

The customer-centric service received by the Project Manager on our order was wonderful. The quality of the sign itself was also very good.

Fiorella Benech Avatar
Fiorella Benech
- Google

Amazing service and quality!

Gonzalo Borriero Avatar
Gonzalo Borriero
- Google

Great service! We would recommend it to anyone!

Luciano Porta Avatar
Luciano Porta
- Google

Outstanding customer service and a very professional team. Recommended!

Michael Hopkins Avatar
Michael Hopkins
- Google

GREAT COMPANY! I gave Chris my vision, and he made it a reality, AMAZING!

Robert Velez Avatar
Robert Velez
- Google

Very nice people and great service. Delivered as promised.

Edwin Marchan Avatar
Edwin Marchan
- Google

Miami's leading sign maker, excellent service and the highest stabdards of quality, a business ran with honesty and integrity. Highly recomendable.

Ernesto A Avatar
Ernesto A
- Google

Definitely recommended. Quite a good place with great professionals ready to make your poster and business make you look good.