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Commercial Building Signs

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Your building is the hub and foundation where everything you do as a business happens, and the façade of your building is the first impression your clients and potential customers have of what your business stands for.

At Miami Signs & Wraps we create superior building signs to increase your company’s visibility and reinforce your business identity.

Attractive, high quality and clearly visible building signs make your business stand out in the crowd, capturing the interest of passersby and creating a firm perception in the mind of what your business is about. Whatever your requirements are, out visual communication strategies include impressive building signs that are ideal for promotional purposes, brand awareness, and advertising. We have the experience and expertise to design, manufacture, and install the best signage for your purposes that you will be proud to display on your building. Our professional design team and manufacturing technicians are equipped to help you get the most out of your building space.

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The Right Sign for Your Building

When considering signage for your building several factors should be taken into consideration before coming to a final decision. Important aspects such as your brand personality, competition, target audience, location, and budget all impact the decisions made in order to create the perfect building sign for your requirements. Our highly experienced technicians will recommend the best materials and choices to help you plan your project.

An on-site evaluation will be carried out to assess the scope of the project, take measurements, and get an idea of the best signage elements that will bring the unique look of your company to life. We are equipped to handle every aspect of your promotional or branding campaign, from initial consultation to final installation, including custom signage design, logo signage, dimensional letters, building directory signs, and more.

Before moving forward our specialists will conduct a survey of the area and ensure that your signage will comply with local codes, regulations, and ordinances and obtain the proper permits if necessary. And with years of experience our team of professional installers will ensure that your signs are installed safely and to the highest standards indicative of the professionalism of your company.

Types of Building Signs

Our goal is to ensure that your building sign stands out, whether it is a large sign on the top of your headquarters, a promotional sign or a logo. Our signage consultants will make recommendations based on your business type and location and whether you would prefer your signage to blend in with the surrounding environment, or stand out. Whatever your requirements, in the end we will provide you with the right sign for our business according to agreed specifications.

All our signs are custom crafted so that they will look unique, even if the same signage type is used as other businesses in the vicinity to maintain a cohesive look.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel letters and dimensional signs are extremely popular because they are so versatile with a variety of colors, fonts, and style options. They include options like individual numbers, letters, logos, and shapes which make them particularly suitable for many different types of businesses from manufacturing facilities to retail store fronts. Channel letters have a transparent face with lighting behind while dimensional letters, cut from a single metal or acrylic sheet, uses back lighting for more visibility.

Lighted Signs

There are many different sign types that are suitable for lighting or back lighting. Lighted or back lighted signs increase the visibility of your company during the night as well as the day. These signs are most suitable for gas stations, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and retail stores and are the best way to attract customers to your business at night.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

These signs hang perpendicular to the building as opposed to being attached to a flat surface or a façade. Made with high-tech production processes and materials they identify your property from afar and helps to extend your brand image. They are also great for high foot traffic areas and are commonly used in conjunction with directional or store-front signs. They can be cabinet signs that are backlit or custom-made from materials such as wood, high-density urethane foam, or metal.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Canopy and awning signs serve a dual purpose both as an identifier of your business and a store-front protector. They are typically made from weather-resistant materials for durability such as stretched canvas, but can be made from any type of material according to your desired requirements.

Awning and canopy signs are ideal for open-air eateries, hotel entrances, and business with a boutique theme.

Free Building Sign Consultation

At Miami Signs & Wraps we strive to create the perfect building signs for our clients as we understand the importance and power of the right signs for brand awareness and customer attraction. We look forward to being of service to you and helping you design, create, and install the perfect building signs that will work wonders for your business exposure.

Call Miami Signs & Wraps at 1-800-972-2185 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!